Join The 30 Day Love Explosion

It’s Simple. It’s Deep.

And it’s completely Free

just like LOVE itself.

There are 4 Easy Steps:

1) Pick one person to focus on during the month of June. Just one. It could be your partner, parent, child, sibling, best friend, or even someone you’re struggling with.

2) Beginning JUNE 1st you’re going to tell that person one reason you love them*. You’re going to be specific. Then every day for 30 days you’ll give a unique reason you love them. No repeats. I call these Love Bombs.

3) This means you’re going to have to pay attention to them, and your feelings. You’ll probably start with the obvious and then notice things you’ve been taking for granted. You may have to draw on memories to rekindle something that’s been lost.

4) Express it any way you want. Say it, text it, leave love notes, get it tattooed on your body, use sign language, spell it in sprinkles on a cake…. get creative. Or keep it simple. Doing it daily is all that matters.

*If you choose a co-worker or your bus driver or the guy who walks your pet lizard it may be totally weird to say “love”.  No problem. Say “appreciate, admire, respect, enjoy, am in awe of…” There are so many to express love.

Here’s the best part. The more you give love the more you get. Just by feeling and expressing the love you have for someone, you reap the benefits. It will increase your dopamine and oxytocin, and decrease your stress hormones. It can lower your blood pressure, help you sleep better, reduce your cravings for sugar, enhance your creativity, and even help you lose weight. And it can make you feel more generous and grateful.
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Pay Love Forward

Let me be clear about one thing:
The person you choose to love bomb during The 30 Day Love Explosion does NOT need to choose you!!!

I just learned that some of you want to do this but the person you chose isn’t sure about this whole whacky idea, so they don’t want to commit.

That’s perfectly fine. Love Bomb them anyway.

I never meant for this to be reciprocal, though it may be that way for some of you.  The idea of this is to Pay Love Forward. You are doing this for the person you choose with nothing expected in return. You’ll find that you’re also doing it for yourself. By feeling and expressing love, you’ll experience more love in your life.

It may not come from the person you have chosen. That’s perfectly alright. You’ll be tapping into the love that is already inside you. You’ll experience more of the truth that ~ You Are Love.

Pay close attention to the person you’ll be love bombing, look for the many reasons you love them.

Also, pay attention to yourself. What do you notice about yourself, as you pay love forward? It may be wonderful. It may not all be pretty. If you can remain curious and loving with yourself it may teach you much about the person who needs your love more than anyone else – You!

Who to Choose for The 30 Day Love Explosion?

How do you choose the right person for The 30 Day Love Explosion?

That question assumes you could choose the wrong person to Love Bomb for the month of June. And I don’t think that’s true.

1)  You may choose the person closest to you. The person you love the most, feel best about, and already shower with love. Anything wrong with? Nope. Not at all.

In the days when I managed lots of staff I made sure everyone had the same basic training, but once I discovered someone’s natural talents and interests I focused on that. I went the extra mile with them in the field of their strengths and desires. If a staff member delighted customers and generated more sales than others, I got them extra sales training. If someone was a wizard with numbers, organization or layout and design, I supported those skills and interests. I saw that by giving more attention to the areas where staff were naturally skilled and interested they improved exponentially.

I provided the same basic training to everyone, but trying to turn a numbers person into my top sales person was never going to give me the same payback as supporting my sales people to really rock my customers’ world. Later in life I learned that this approach has a name. It’s called the 80/20 rule. So, if you focus your love on the person you love the most you are likely to experience exponential rewards.

Those little daily love bombs, dropped into an already soaring relationship, can blow it into the stratosphere.


2) You may choose a person you struggle with. That person you care about, who rattles your cage and triggers your emotions. Any good reason to pour your love into a struggle? Sure there is.

When a relationship rattles you it brings stress in your life. And stress gets in the way of you being your best. Since it’s not your job to change the other person, and it’s a total waste of your time, you might as well focus on yourself. By noticing one thing you love about this person every day you’ll focus less on the aspects that trigger you.

Often the person who triggers you is reflecting something back to you that you don’t like about yourself. They may be saying the same things your own internal critic tells you. They may be doing something you wish you had the courage to do, or something you wish you would stop doing. Often the person who bugs you the most has something to teach you about yourself.

By finding 30 things you love about them, you may discover new things you love about yourself, and that can quiet your inner critic and give you the courage to become the person you are meant to be.