The Power of Pleasure

Seven Simple Steps to Reduce Stress & Live a Life you Love.

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Have you ever thought...

"There's so much more I want to do with my life, but I'm already overwhelmed. I don't have time for one more thing."

I hear you! That's why each chapter stands alone. You don't have to read it cover to cover, or set aside time to learn new practices.

You can choose one simple step that will fit seamlessly into your day. With practice, you'll connect to your truth ~ hear your own inner guidance, prioritize with clarity, and accomplish things with more ease.

I've helped everyone from successful investors to single-mom entrepreneurs achieve enormous goals, while eliminating anxiety and overwhelm. These steps will help you too.

"I just want to feel good... in my body, my mind, my clothes,
my work and my relationships."

Amen to that!

With just the first few chapters you'll start to feel the calm that's deep inside you. You'll discover a spacious sensuality that may have been absent in your day to day life.

As you incorporate other chapters, your relationship to food and sleep, movement and even your emotions, will change. You'll feel better in your body, and more comfortable in your own skin.
That, my friend, changes everything!

"Everything in my life is fine, but I feel like something's missing.
I want more. I'm just not sure what."

I know how unsettling that can be. Truth is - there's so much more to you than you probably realize.

These practices will help you feel connected beyond the surface, and more in touch with deeper parts of yourself. That can fill you up in a way that nothing outside of you ever will.

"I feel flat. I'm not as creative, passionate, or interested as I use to be. But I don't know how to get my mojo back."

I've been there.

These practices enabled me to become joyful and reconnect to life even when I was dealing with debilitating illness and fatigue.

I totally understand if you don't have the energy to try to improve yourself...again!! Most of these steps take no extra effort. The biggest part is remembering to incorporate them into your day. But you'll have reminders so you don't have to think about them.

You can be exhausted, uninspired or broke, and still transform your life in these easy ways.

Feel like I’m talking to you?

Power of Pleasure Cover

I wrote this e-book to help you live a life you love,
without making dramatic changes, spending tons of money,
or finding time you really don't have.

The seven chapters will guide you through simple steps you can easily incorporate into every day. These
steps will help you connect to your true self, (the core part of you that isn't being overwhelmed by all the
voices telling you what to do) and give you clarity about how to live your life.

You'll access the joy and peace that are at the core of your being no matter what kind of crazy
shannanigans are going on ... in the world … or in your mind.

By following the simple steps in this e-book you will:

BONUS: You'll also get Six Free Guided Practices you can download, to use any time you like.

1. Free yourself from stressful thoughts at any time.
2. Relax deeply in 10 minutes or less.
3. Get to sleep. (or back to sleep!)
4. Turn eating into a sensuous delight.
5. Awaken your body through the pleasure of touch.
(no partner required)
6. Experience your body’s authentic movement.

Sound like something you want?

Power of Pleasure Cover

About the

Debra Joy

My name is Debra Joy and for over a decade I've been helping people achieve success in their careers, satisfaction in their relationships, and peace in their bodies and minds.

I coach individuals to thrive, using body-based techniques that help them bypass the noise of society and discover their own internal wisdom. I'm the creator of A Year to Live™ and The 30 Day Love Explosion™, two programs that help people get in touch with what matters most to them, and live more inspired lives.

I have a Masters in Leadership and Training. I had a rewarding and award-winning career in socially conscious business for many years. Even though I was achieving great things and having a pretty terrific time, underneath the surface I was often anxious, feeling like I could never do enough.

A debilitating illness made me slow down and re-examine the way I was living. It was the beginning of a deep spiritual journey. Through many generous teachers and troubling trials I discovered my own true nature to be pure peace, radical joy, and unbounded love, even in the toughest times.

On my path of healing I realized that even if things in my life weren’t going the way I wanted, I could access that state of peace, love and joy any time. And the portal to that state was my own body.

I became a certified Yoga teacher, and studied many other modalities that added a rich embodiment to my business and leadership experience. Over the years I've incorporated Tantra, Continuum™, Bio-energetics™ and Somatic Experiencing™ techniques into my work with individuals, and groups.

I use simple practices daily, to connect to my natural state. They require no special tools or significant amounts of time. I often teach these practices to my clients as part of our work. Many have had profound results. They’ve encouraged me to share them more widely.

While I can't work individually with everyone, nor fit everything I've ever taught into one book, I've narrowed down the practices to the ones that are simplest to follow, fit into every lifestyle, and have transformative results when done regularly.

What people are saying
Christopher Papadopoulos

Debra Joy gives us the keys to pleasure, wellbeing, and our true nature in this highly recommended and readable book. For those of us who resist the good habits we know would help improve our lives, The Power of Pleasure declares that our 'medicine' doesn't have to taste bad. Debra's tell-it-like-it-is wisdom and gentle wit entice us to go more deeply into all the things we already do every day only to discover the profound pleasure waiting for us at the core of all experience. The techniques and practices are clear and simple and essential. Use them and be happy."

Christopher Papadopoulos
author, PEACE~And Where To Find It

Nancy Bradshaw

If you are only going to read one book on how to make your life much happier, this is THE book. You’ll find it impossible not to want to gift this extraordinary gem to all your loved ones too!

Although I knew many of the book’s recommended practices, I was not doing them. I found Deb’s captivating examples not only inspiring, but compelling. To my surprise and delight, I found myself motivated to do these simple steps that truly do create amazing results.

Nancy Bradshaw
Executive Director, Social and Emotional Learning Foundation

Margaret Floyd, NTP

One of the most profound things I learned from Deb was perhaps the most simple: how to breathe. Before our work, I literally could not physically breathe into my belly. My husband would comment on it, and try as I might, I couldn't get my breath past my upper chest and shoulders. Over the course of our work together, my breath gradually moved deeper into my body. It's profoundly affected all areas of my life, including childbirth.

My first daughter was born by cesarean. The experience was traumatizing. During the 30 hour labor of my second daughter I breathed deeply. It enabled me to listen to my inner wisdom, rest deeply between contractions, and have a trauma-free vaginal delivery in my own time. Such a simple thing, and yet it has been life-changing for me!

Margaret Floyd, NTP
Author, Eat Naked

Helene Zuckerman

You know that feeling when you hear divine truth? This book is chock full of them.

A generous offering of simple down-to-earth practices with out of this world results. Get ready to use up all the ink in your highlighter.

Helene Zuckerman

Could you just figure it out on your own?

There are lots of teachers and sources for practices like these. You could find them. You could go to classes and workshops. You could experiment until you found the ones that fit into your life and truly made a difference. I certainly did.

I've done the work for you. I've spent years studying different practices and developing my own. Over the past decade I've simplified and tested techniques so that even my busiest, most stressed out, and most successful clients have experienced profound changes in their life.

I've compiled the foundational steps into one simple book to make is super easy for you.

Power of Pleasure Cover
You may be wondering:

How do I get the e-book once I pay for it?
As soon as you purchase it, you’ll immediately find yourself on the page with the link to download it.
You’ll also receive an email with the download, so you can have this book on different devices.

I've already tried every spiritual path to find fulfillment, how is this different?
Many spiritual practices were developed in different cultures. What worked for those folks may not work for you in your world. Instead of actually doing the practices you’ve learned, you may feel guilty that you aren't getting to it.

That's why this book has simple steps that will connect you to yourself in each moment, whether you’re a driven investment banker, struggling street performer, student, teacher, overworked activist, stay at home parent, or retired and single. Not every practice will tickle your fancy, but I've offered enough so you'll find one that works for you.

I'm not stressed and anxious. I'm feeling flat. Maybe even depressed. How can these work for me?
Whether you feel anxious or depressed, both forms of suffering come from not connecting to who you really are at your core. These techniques will help you unplug from who you think you should be, and how you believe life should be going. As you practice the simple steps you'll experience a peace and joy that are always present.

How can I expect to feel joyful if I'm going through a really tough time?
Joy and Happiness aren't the same thing. The joy you'll discover is your true nature. It's the core of who you are. It's a quiet, honest, radical joy that is present even if everything is falling apart. It's there when you're grieving, or angry or hurt. It's everlasting, just like your true self. It's big enough to hold all the fleeting emotions that you're meant to feel as a living, breathing human. These steps will teach you how to access that joy, in good times and bad.

Pleasure seems like fluff. Haven't you got anything deeper to offer?
Pleasure isn't the goal of these practices. It's the portal. The goal is to know your true self, to live from that state and express it in every area of your life. To be totally free. What could be deeper than that?

I'm looking for something totally new. Is this it?
What's new is the simplicity of the offering. The way it's put together. The understanding you'll have for why things work the way they do. The real life stories of how these worked for other people.

I'm not trying to re-invent the wheel here. I'm offering you a better, high performing wheel that works on all terrains.

What's the refund policy?
You can’t physically return an e-book. Once you download it, you’ve got it for life. So all sales are final.

I put a lot of love and study, experimentation and client feedback into this e-book to create something valuable and doable for you. My intention is that you'll find a simple practice, that when done regularly, will rock your world.

Why is this page so long? Who has time to read all this stuff? Just give me the book already!?
I hear ya. Good for you for making it this far!

I would never have read this far, but I didn't write it for me. I wrote this for people who want more information. We all learn differently and decide differently, so I'm respecting our various styles.

You may have noticed there were a few options to purchase without reading this far.

And that's what you'll find in the e-book. It's designed so you can read as much or as little as you want.

You can read it from beginning to end, trying each practice in order, seeing how they methodically build on each other. Or you can jump straight to the steps, which are clearly defined. You can skip chapters. You can go back and read more later, and find the theories for why things work after you've been practicing.

Power of Pleasure Cover