Tune for a Tuesday Afternoon #6

Except for the yogurt and sauerkraut in my fridge, there’s not much about me that’s cultured.

“Freaky” – yep.
“Fringe-dweller” – it’s been said.
“Different” – Definitely.

I’ve been called many things, but nobody’s ever accused me of being cultured.

But I surprised myself, back in the 90s, when I was walking down Granville Street one evening after a long day of work. I stopped at the Orpheum Theater and saw that the Symphony was playing. I’d made it to my 30s without ever going to the symphony. Maybe my feet were killing me and I needed to sit for a while. Whatever the reason I bought a ticket and found my seat just before the concert began.

Everyone on stage and in the audience made a big fuss over a special guest they had that night. I’d never heard of him, but was thrilled that he was a cellist. Cello’s always been my favorite instrument. Deep and moody, soulful and sweet. It gets me every time.

The cellist was a man named Yo-Yo-Ma.

For the next 90 minutes he grabbed me by the heart and held me rapt. He stroked my back with his bow and caressed my neck with his fingers. I became the cello and he played me. I smiled and wept and sat gap-jawed for most of the show.

So with that luscious memory, I share with you, Your Tune for a Tuesday afternoon.

Yo-Yo Ma playing Gabriel’s Oboe.

It goes well with a cup of tea, a robust red wine, a lover under the covers, your best friend, your favorite chair, a dog at your feet, cat in your lap, or the sweetness of solitude. I’ve also used it to accompany blindfolded sun salutations in the jungles of Mexico.

There are no deep thoughts or insightful messages that go with this Tuesday afternoon Tune. I just wanted to drop some beauty into your lap.

Give yourself the next 2 minutes to tune out whatever’s going on, and tune into this bit of beauty.
Love Debra



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