What would your alternate life teach you?

A few weeks ago, at the LA Dance Collective, I tapped into my alternate life and set my inner Go-Go Girl free.
She’s playful and fun. She twirls and whirls with her eyes closed. Flits from one partner to another, like a happy hummingbird.

I recognized my alternative life a few years ago.

One day I wondered what I’d be doing now if I wasn’t living this life, with my man in our tiny cottage by the beach, coaching clients, gardening, and taking long walks. That’s when I imagined myself as a go-go dancing dj who brings homemade cupcakes to every event. I could see it, feel it, and taste it, vividly. It made me giddy and light up from within.

(I think my mom had secretly been grooming me for this life. When I was little she would serve me chocolate cake for breakfast and we’d dance in the living room before school every morning. We had matching white, wet-look go-go boots, and purple suede mini skirts. My mom was even a dj part time. Yet, somehow I went straight into business. I must be such a disappointment to her.)

Ok, back to what I was saying…

Signs of my alternate life show up in this life all the time:

For years I’ve been creating soundtracks for friends ~ for their weddings, trips to Paris, studies, and tough times.
I hear a song that feels like someone I love, and I send it to them right away.
When invited to a dinner party, I volunteer dessert. (and usually make too much)
I connect to myself by dancing with my eyes closed, whether I’m home alone or on a dance floor.

Whenever this alternate life calls my attention, I know it wants to teach me something.

When it possessed me on Saturday, I wondered what part of my Go-Go Dancing, Baking, DJ self is not being expressed?

I danced, and listened and heard:

Let Go. MORE!
Have Fun. MORE!
Express yourself. MORE!

Those big directives can be inspiring, but I like real specific, simple directions. So, one Tuesday when it was sweltering hot, and I had a song going through my mind, my Go-Go Self wanted to post it on my blog. Just because it would be fun.

So I posted it.

Then I posted another, a song Eric Lowen wrote after being diagnosed with ALS.

The third time, a song was running through my mind after the second Presidential debate. I was reluctant to post that one, but I realized that in my alternative life, I would post it. So I did.

We’ve all got Alternate lives. What’s yours?

Painting in Paris?
Tracking with the Kalahari Bushmen?
Teaching 5th graders?
Racing sports cars?

If you don’t know what your alternate life is, take some time to imagine and feel into it.

It’s the life you’d be living if you didn’t have this one. Let your mind run wild. If you have trouble imaging anything different, remember what you dreamed of doing when you were just a kid. Before any grown ups gave you their advice.

To discover what your alternate life wants to teach you:

1. Imagine yourself living that life.

2. Notice what it would give you that this life isn’t offering right now.

3. Decide how you can bring some of that feeling into this life?
(You don’t have to ditch your job or raffle off the kids.You just have to think of a simple thing you can do to feel the way you feel in your alternate life.)

4. Commit to doing that one thing this week.

5. Keep doing it, and you’ll discover what your alternate life wants to teach you.

I’d love to hear about your alternate life, and what it reveals to you!

Love Debra