Are you ready for the life you were born to live?

Do you want to ~

  • Love who you are.
  • Have more peace and joy, less anxiety and stress, even in challenging times.
  • Hear and trust your own intuitive voice above all the noise.
  • Make decisions with confidence and clarity.
  • Know what inspires you and embrace it.
  • Throw yourself into life and let your light shine.
  • Give your gifts in a way that’s authentic for you and creates lasting success.
  • Enjoy more fulfilling intimate relationships.

I thought you might.

In a loving environment you can safely shed all that stands between you and your authentic self. When you do this, everything transforms. As you learn to live from this source, you achieve your deepest heart’s desire with greater ease. You may even discover that your stated goals and dreams weren’t what you really wanted after all.

My private work with you is unique. Though I share successful business ideas, and teach you joy-inducing relationship skills, what I offer you will come from deep listening to the wisdom within you. Your inner knowing guides this work.

I’ll help you find the place inside you where your deep joy, trust and wisdom reside, using intuition, guided meditations, process work, and yoga blended in a stew of passion, vision and love. You’ll access your own inner resources and experience more pleasure and success in all areas of your life, whether it is in your relationships, work, art or sense of self.

It is deeply fulfilling for me to work side by side with clients as they find their way home to themselves, guided by their own hearts, wisdom and courage. But it only works if we are the right fit for each other. So take some time to read more on my about page and my kudos page. If you are interested in working together let’s connect and see if we’re a match.

If you’re ready for more power, peace and pleasure in your relationships, business, body and soul, we can do this.


Deep Joy ~ One on One Intensive Program

Like a midwife, I’m beside you as you birth your authentic self into the world.

This Three Month Intensive Program includes:

  • 12 phone sessions. 1hour each, with 30 minutes prep time
    • Through various processes of discovery you’ll uncover patterns and conditioning that keep you from living as your Authentic Self.
    • With guidance you’ll shed these ways of being that are not in alignment with your True Nature.
    • Fully supported you will learn to let your True Nature shine in all aspects of your life.
    • You’ll learn to live in sync with your body’s innate wisdom, using a combination of intuitive guidance, process work, guided meditations and tantric exercises.
    • Simple yet rock solid business and relationship tools will help you achieve your dreams in the world, while staying true to yourself.
  • Follow up notes emailed to you within 24 hours of our call
    • They contain a summary of the session so you can be completely relaxed during the process.
    • They include practices and action steps that we agree upon to help you achieve your goals.
  • Support in between sessions
    • The work in our sessions can be intense at times, and often great healing occurs. I will “prescribe” a practice and/or actions to take in between our sessions to help you integrate the work and develop new habits that support your process.
    • Shedding old habits can be disorienting, so I proactively support you in between sessions, answering questions, making adjustments, helping you through your resistance and fears, reminding, encouraging you and cheering you on.
    • I make all of my resources available to you to support your journey.

I work privately with only a handful of clients at a time so that I can offer you my most present self.