I’m a fiercely loving, intuitive, and compassionate woman who helps clients discover their authentic self, experience more pleasure in their bodies, more joy and peace in their lives.

I’ve enjoyed an award winning career in the world of corporate social responsibility, navigated a heart-breaking divorce while continuing to love my ex, experienced debilitating illness as a shamanic portal to the sensuous life for which my soul longed.

I finally surrendered to the spiritual calling I’d been avoiding since childhood, after realizing my true nature, during a dark time in my life.

I found my natural rhythm living alone in a remote village in Mexico, discovered great strength in vulnerability, fell deeply in love with a man visiting from LA and gave up my solitude to live joyfully with him. I’m thriving in a life that is lived in service to love.


Want to know more?

  • I have an MA in Leadership and Training, but since long before that I’ve been committed to helping people master their lives.
  • I became a Certified Yoga Instructor  through Sacred Energy Arts. I’ve been practicing yoga for 13 years, and I love incorporating it into this work.
  • I’ve studied Tantra with Dawn Cartwright and other gifted teachers, which provided language and a deeper understanding of my own experience.
  • I’ve received the Ethics in Action award and Business in Vancouver’s Top 40 Under 40 award. Which are sweet reminders of the work I’ve done, fueled by my burning desire to change the world.

In a Previous Life:

  • I played a key role as a business consultant with Renewal Partners Social Investment Fund, where I brought new businesses into the fund and worked with the CEOs to achieve their financial and social goals.
  • I was the President of Real Assets, Canada’s first socially responsible investment firm. I co-founded, North American’s leading organic food delivery service. I began my career in the world of socially responsible business with The Body Shop Canada, where I held management roles, increasing profits in key locations by implementing innovative ideas and sound business practices that focused on bringing out the best in my employees.
  • I was a co-founder and Board Chair of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, a business led non-profit that provides its members with customized advisory services to enhance social, environmental and financial performance.
  • I was a director and faculty member of the Hollyhock Social Change Institute, teaching organizational development to leaders of non-profit organizations.
  • I also was a director of The Better Business Bureau of lower mainland Vancouver, and A Loving Spoonful, an organization providing free meals to people living with HIV/AIDS.

I’ve always been a very passionate person – passionate about the planet and all its inhabitants, relationships and all their complexities, business and it’s ability to change the world. Most of my career was spent bringing ethics and excellence into day to day business practices and decision-making.

It was 16 years ago when my faculty advisor for my MA, Saul Miller, taught me to meditate. In the beginning 5 minutes was an unbearable amount time. But I began to practice daily and my practice grew. The peace I experienced was beyond comprehension. Over time I found an inner strength that enabled me to make profound changes in my life. I saw how my insecurities had fueled so much of my “drive”. My intuition guided me more clearly. Shortly after falling in love with meditation I went to my first yoga class. I found yoga to be a beautifully embodied meditation. I began to practice daily.

Yoga and meditation have moved beyond the “practice” and spontaneously infuses my experience of life. My body is my guru.

A debilitating illness prompted me to leave the career, community, and life that I loved and move to a small fishing village in Mexico on a journey of self discovery and healing.  Living in a small town without roads and cars, with few walls and no electricity I discovered my own natural rhythm, one that is in harmony with nature. A simple life was deeply sensuous and satisfying.

I met my husband in this town and moved to Los Angeles to be with him. My practices kept me connected to my authentic self, my divine nature, and developed into a way of being. I continue to open myself to ways to serve love.

A client recently called me the “Ignitor of Joy and Kick-Assness”. That delights me.