Discovery & Coaching
Deep Joy: One-on-One Intensive Program
Like a midwife, I am beside you as you birth your authentic self into the world.

With full support you will plunge into the depths of discovery and awakening as you commit to knowing your true nature and embodying that spirit passionately in your relationships, work, art and all of life.

Escape with a Purpose
Some times you need to leave the world you know to discover the world you want.

Occasionally I take a group of women to a lush retreat in small fishing village in Mexico, where the jungle meets the sea, to do just that.

Unwind. Hear your heart’s deepest desire. Return with the direction to make it a reality.

Online Group Course
Pleasure as a Spiritual Path
Your Body is a Beautiful Portal to the Divine.

There are highly effective spiritual paths that approach enlightenment through disciplined practices of austerity. This isn’t one of those.

This path honours your body, its needs and desires, its wisdom and truth.