Ask yourself this one thing.

As a growth-minded individual, you’ve probably set some goals to make this year even better than last year. 

The truth is that 92% of people who set a goal for this year will fail to achieve it. No matter how committed they are at the beginning, something gets in the way. That’s sad because when goals and dreams die, a part of us dies too.  

There are many reasons we fail to achieve our goals. There are unconscious blocks we need to move through, and life circumstances that divert our best intentions. 

But if you ask yourself this one question you can greatly increase your chances of success. And that question is: 

Why do I want it? 

At first, it will seem obvious. And your first answer will make rational sense, but I promise it won’t be your deepest truth. So, once you’ve asked and answered that question, ask it again…and again…and again… Until you have reached what feels like home. 

It might look something like this: 

I’m going to double my revenue this year. 

Why do I want that? 

I want to purchase a cottage. 

Why do I want that? 

I want a place outside the city that I can escape to. 

Why do I want that? 

When I get time in nature, my busy mind quiets, and I feel connected to something bigger than me. I feel more expansive, rested, calm. 

Why do I want that? 

When I feel calm, and connected, I don’t push myself so hard.

Why do I want that? 

When I’m not pushing hard. I’m more generous with myself and others. Giving comes naturally. 

Why do I want that? 

I feel like my true self. 

Your truth will feel like a resting place inside you. Expansive, peaceful, uplifted, bubbly – like home – whatever home feels like to you – even if you’ve never felt it before. 

Whatever your goal is, you’re willing to pursue it because you want to feel different in some way from how you feel now. 

Tapping into how you want to feel, gives you intrinsic motivation – your motivation comes from within.

Most people are focused on extrinsic motivation – the result they’ll achieve – whether it’s money, fame, a better body… 

When you get to the core of how you want to feel it will be your call-to-action. It will be the motivation to keep going when things get hard, and at some point, things will get hard. When you know why you want something, figuring out how gets a whole lot easier. 

Find why you want your goal and in my next post, I’ll share how even knowing this, people still get it wrong.

I can teach you how to get it right.  In a way that’s right for you.

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