The Self Care practice you’re probably not doing.

I just learned that July 24th is International Self-Care Day.

I first thought, “Is that really a thing?”

Then I wondered if you might beat yourself up about it, thinking “Oh God, now I have to add self-care to my already massive list of things to do”.

I thought about some of my busy clients, with schedules so full there’s no white space. I remembered how that used to feel. Ugh

Rather than offer you any ideas about what you could or should be doing for self-care, the question I have for you is this:

What is one thing you could stop doing that would be an act of self-care?

Really, one thing. I’d love to hear!

My favorite quote right now is from the author of The Little Prince:

“Perfection is not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

May that inspire you as you create a life that is perfect for you. You may even elevate your life to a work of art.

Sometimes less really is more.

Feel free to share this with someone who could use a little less in their life.

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