It’s not about being present.

I want to say a bit about being present, cause the command to “Be Present” is everywhere: On t-shirts, pillowcases, tattoos and Instagram posts about desert turtles.

Being present has become one more thing you gotta do and one more thing to feel bad about if you’re not doing it.

But it’s not about being present. (in my humble opinion)
If you’ve ever meditated you know it’s not about focusing on your breath, or mantra, or image, or sensation … and staying focused.

Meditation is about lovingly, gently, smilingly coming back to your breath or mantra or image or sensation… again and again, and again.

You don’t become present and stay that way (okay, some humans actually do. I certainly don’t). You are present and then you’re not. And you come back to being present again.

You’re brave and then you’re not. And you find a way to be brave again.

You’re kind, and funny, and quick, and thoughtful and fit and ambitious, and successful, and generous, and peaceful … and then you’re not.

The gift you give yourself and the world is to accept it all, just as you’d accept your mind wandering in meditation, and then gently come back, again and again, and again.

With love, Debra

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16 thoughts on “It’s not about being present.

  1. This is everything. With all the meme messages out there, you might feel like you just can’t. Thank you for always pointing out that we have the ability to continue on our paths even when something else comes up to change that path a bit. So important to remember this. It’s the journey.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I bet I’ve unintentionally contributed to that belief that it should be perfect with some of my own postings. Hopefully this counters some of that noise. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this perspective. My mind wanders all the time, not just when I try to meditate. When I read about being present or meditating I felt like something was wrong with me because I couldn’t clear or quiet my head. Finally, someone explained to me it wasn’t about quieting the mind but bringing it back to the present or your meditation that matters.

  3. Thanks so much for this reflection Debra–You’ve just taken a load off…seriously! You continue to amaze and surprise me with your take on things. Its not just ‘status quo’ with you–you always go deeper….XO

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