Tune for a Tuesday Afternoon #4

A few days ago, just as the sun was rising, I headed east on highway 10, with the ocean in my rearview mirror. I was struck by the beauty of the mountains straight ahead. It looked as if a giant hand had carved their dark edges into the bright blue sky with a fine knife. They were so crisp, their outlines so sharp. The mountains are always there, but this day they stood out like they hadn’t in a long time.

And what made the difference was RAIN – Something we don’t get much of in Southern California.

It’s wonderful to live in sunshine almost all year long. But there’s an up and a down to everything, even sunshine. The air here gets thick and heavy. Everything feels dusty. The dryness sucks the life out of my garden and my skin.

But then the rains come. The skies darken, and it pours down.

After rains the air is cleaner. It feels fresh and light. I can see the mountains. My garden is lush and green again.

Driving on this clear day, breathing in this fresh air, I started humming this song below. I can See Clearly Now, sung by my fellow Canadian, Holly Cole.

It seems we all love the look, the feel and the smell after a great rain, but how many of us actually welcome the rain itself. If it’s in the weather or our personal lives, we seem to want 365 days of sunshine, smooth sailing, and easy times. But those rainy days, those stormy times in life are really important. They can wash away the build up you didn’t even notice. They can help you get clear on what matters most to you.

A rainy time for you might come from sickness, feeling stuck at work, bored in your relationships, or financially tight.

When your energy or finances are limited you may have to make tough choices. (I know lots about this). In choosing, you may discover what matters most, and start to live a simpler life you love. When you feel stuck or bored it can stir up your creative juices to do what’s needed to thrive again.

Whatever the rainy time is for you, there’s a gift in it. Rather than shun it while you’re in it and look back with appreciation later, see if you can embrace it while it’s happening.

Dance in the rain if you will. It may be washing something away, so you can feel lighter and freer, breathe deeper and see clearer.


Love Debra

If someone you know is going through a stormy time, this might help brighten their day.

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2 thoughts on “Tune for a Tuesday Afternoon #4

  1. <3! This is such a great message! I want to share it with everyone I know. I have witnessed its' truth. When you learn to have gratitude for the rough times, you take more from each one. Also, each one passes faster because when you are in the moment, you get to the point of why you are there SO MUCH FASTER! Great blog! Please keep them coming!

    1. Thanks Jusi.

      I hope you are reminded of that any time you hear that song. No matter who’s singing it. Even just the little singing voice in your head. Cheers!

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