Tune for a Tuesday Afternoon #2

I’m learning things I haven’t wanted to learn. Back-end, technical stuff that doesn’t exactly turn my crank. But I want to share my new book with you, so I’m learning, I’m growing, and stumbling through. My desire to share with you is bigger than my resistance to technology, so I’m choosing to learn.

I’m committed to continually growing in different ways. To do that I have to do three things.

1. Be willing to fail.
2. Ask for help.
3. Receive the help.

When I was a baby learning to walk, I bumped into things, looked clumsy and fell on my ass… A LOT. People had to show me how it was done, again and again and again. These same people picked me up when I fell.

Going through my learning curve reminded me of this song, Learning to Fall, by Lowen and Navarro.

In 2004, Eric Lowen was diagnosed with ALS, a disease that would weakened his muscles, slur his speech and impede his breathing over time. Lowen knew he was going to have to learn new ways live, to be and to receive as the disease progressed. He’d have to let people help, and pick him up when he’d fall. He wrote this song after receiving his diagnosis.

He kept learning, and the duo played for five more years, performed 250 concerts and released three albums. Eric Lowen died in 2012. He was 60.

If you want to grow, you have to let yourself fall. And let people help.

Love Debra

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