Move from Certainty To Clarity

You want a life of passion, joy and peace, yet what you strive for so often is certainty. 

It’s not unusual to want things to be certain. It’s based on a belief that life can be under your control. “If I do A and B I will achieve C.” This kind of linear, cause-and-effect thinking is prevalent in our society. And while some things are under our control, believing you can have certainty is black and white thinking in a full spectrum world.

The challenge with wanting certainty is that so much of life is beyond your control. So your quest for certainty puts you in constant struggle with life.

The less certain life feels, the more stressed you become, and the harder you work to control it. See how this pulls you in the opposite direction of passion, joy and peace?

When you have clarity you lose the need for certainty. 
Clarity comes from knowing yourself. It comes when you shed the beliefs, judgements and conditioning that keep you living in the way that is expected of you, instead of the manner that feeds your soul. Clarity shines through you when you know your truth. With clarity comes self acceptance, love and compassion.

And here’s the amazing thing ~ When you are clear, the world responds to your clarity in ways you’ve never known before. Your relationship to life transforms beyond the fear-based need for control into a love affair with what is and a curiosity about what will be.

Don’t take my word for it. The next time you have the need to be certain about something, explore your reasons and see if you find some underlying fear motivating you.

The path to clarity can be a long and winding road of self-discovery, but it’s a path that will set you free.

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