10 Love Bomb Ideas.

I thought you might like some ideas for dropping love bombs.

  1. Pitch a sign on their lawn for all their neighbours to see.
  2. Slip a tip to the local barrista to read your love bomb out loud when they call your person’s name.* Wouldn’t it be great to hear – “Jeff your latte is ready ~ and Diane loves you for being a wonderful listener.”
  3. Write it in chalk on the sidewalk. Or somewhere else conspicuous.
  4. Say it in a foreign language. Then they have to figure out what you said.
  5. Hide notes in places you know they’ll find. One person chose a neat freak – so she wrote a love bomb on a piece of paper and threw it in the backseat of her car, knowing she’d have to pick it up.
  6. Get different co-workers to say it to them throughout the day.*
  7. Text it. Pin it. Facebook it. Email it. Phone it in. Say it in person.
  8. Post a note in a shop window (or several) in their neighbourhood.*
  9. Write it on your body. Write it on their body.photo(138)
  10. Just Do It!

And however you do it – Have FUN!

*Include others. Even strangers. You’ll be amazed how willing people are to help spread the love.




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