What if it’s not Love?

So you’ve decided to join The 30 Day Love Explosion.

  • You’re excited about what you will experience and learn.  Rev your Engine!
  • You’re thinking about specific things you want to share.  Vroom Vroom!
  • You’ve chosen the person.  Full Throttle!
  • But….. Slam on the Breaks!!!!!…..you don’t actually LOVE them.

Perhaps, rather than choosing an easy relationship you’ve chosen a difficult one. Instead of someone you love dearly, you’re going for the extra credit and picked a person you struggle with; your know-it-all neighbour, your irritating boss, or your bad-breathed prison cell mate. You just know in your cells that it would be great to change your focus from what you don’t like about this person to what you do like, but LOVE???   Really… that’s going a bit too far. How about this?

Try Appreciating them. It’s the same vibe as love, just in a different place on the continuum. So go ahead and drop an Appreciation Bomb. Or Respect Bomb. Or Like Bomb. For 30 days. Starting June 1st.

Start with that. You may find you move along the continuum and eventually find yourself closer to LOVE.

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