The Power of Pleasure – Guided Practices


The recordings will guide you in ways that will enhance the practices in the book. To download them onto your own device, click the DOWNLOAD link underneath each playback bar.


In this guided practice you’ll awaken sensations below your skin just with your touch.  All you need is yourself. It’s 6 minutes long.


Once you’ve experienced this practice, return to the book and try the different touch practices. Each one will help you connect more deeply with yourself and all of life around you.


For this practice you’ll need a piece of fruit. It’s 5 minutes long.


Once you’ve completed this guided practice, return to the book and try the other practices to experience more pleasure every time you eat.


You can use this guided meditation to help you fall asleep, or get back to sleep if you wake up at night. It’s 11 minutes long.


Be sure to read the Sleep chapter for ways to improve your sleep, mood, mind and body.


When you’re tired but you’ve got to keep going, you can recharge in just five minutes with this guided practice. You’ll feel more refreshed, alert and present from this simple rest. It’s 5 minutes long.


Download this to your phone so you can be guided to rest throughout the day. Just 5 minutes of rest can recharge your body.


This guided practice is quite different from the others in the book. It will help you slow down and notice the authentic movement in your body, without overriding it with your thoughts about how you should move. It’s best if you’re wearing comfortable clothes. You’ll probably want to practice in private. It’s 17 minutes long. 


This is just a taste of what is possible if you’ll give your body time to unwind and express itself. If you have more time you can set aside 1/2 an hour or an hour to do this practice. Set a timer, or play some music and move as long as the music plays. Shamanic Dream by Anugama is a perfect album to accompany this practice. Each song is half an hour long. (I’d like to thank Emily Conrad, founder of Continuum, for teaching me to slow down and let my body unwind in this way. She is the inspiration for this practice).

I hope these guided practices will inspire you to adopt the simple practices in the book, into your daily experiences.