Ecstatic Dance Lessons for Life

My husband just led Ecstatic Dance in our community and he nailed it! For 90 minutes people twirled and thumped, soloed and partnered, and laughed and cried. In the closing circle, they expressed their appreciation and their thirst for more. I’m telling you this because I learned 3 things from watching him that I want to share with you:

1. It’s not too late to do that thing you want to do. In my program, The Success Solution, I teach people to discover and live from their Power Place. That includes investing more time, and getting even better, at what you’re great at and love doing. It also includes developing what you’d love to do, but you’re not good at yet. (There’s much more to your Power Place than that, but that’s for another time.)

My husband’s never been a DJ. He’s got great musical taste but this was a first. He prepared an eclectic playlist and then felt the room and adapted to what people’s bodies wanted in the moment. He just went for it and it was stellar.

2. Embrace failure as part of the process. This was not the first time he attempted to start Ecstatic Dance in our community. The last time he did it, he rented a hall, made the poster, promoted it everywhere, worked passionately on his fabulous playlist, hauled the speaker and gear to the community center 25 minutes from our house. And nobody came. (which was quite lucky because he was locked out of the building)

3. Learn and adapt. And if possible – do it easier. After that epic failure, he didn’t give up. But he didn’t repeat it either. He partnered with a local yoga studio close to our house. They did all the promotion. He showed up with a laptop and an open heart. The room was full and it was an epic success.

An Ecstatic Dance movement has now begun in our town, with DJs and wannabe DJs and movers and fumblers building a community, one dance step at a time.

Is there something you’d love to do that you haven’t done yet?

Are you willing to fail for it?

And how can you make it easier?

Here’s to your epic success, and all the beautiful, embarrassing, necessary failures that get you there.