What my clients say:

Deb holds this amazing transformative space where I felt seen, heard, loved, safe, and free.  Free to explore and express myself, to recover the parts that had been lost to me and to re-integrate.  She allowed for her intuition to guide her and knew exactly when to hold as I worked, or to add encouragement or just the right question at the precise right time to take me even deeper.  She brings years of experience to the session and combined with her deep desire, love, and compassion,

this work creates a space for miracles to happen.

Tara Nearman BSN, MA

Debra Joy is the most insightful coach I have ever worked with. She has an ability to see through what I’m saying to the true nature of the story, and to guide me there gently, with so much care and love, while telling me exactly what I need to hear. Working with Deb has been some of the most powerful work I have ever done, and I recommend her without hesitation.

Margaret Floyd, Eat Naked

Michelle Johnston, CEO Working Well

Deb is unlike any other coach I’ve ever encountered. I’ve worked with other coaches and sought so many tools for change over the years, and none of it has brought me to the place than six weeks with Deb did. The focus, love, and energy that she holds for you creates such an incredible space for exploration, insight, and realization. Her ability to sherpa you through the tangled and sometimes stormy pathways of your inner world while keeping the journey on-track is, frankly, both startling and priceless.

Working with Deb has become the touchstone of my week. I’m as terrible at prioritizing my self-care as any over-extended entrepreneur, but keeping our 90minute window sacred comes more easily than anything I’ve tried to carve out for myself.

Our work is bringing me to a level of internal integration that I’ve only dreamed of, and deeply healing the relationship between my mind and my body.

It has enriched my inner life, my personal life, and my business… and the benefits just keep appearing!

Sarah Feidt, Multitool // Strategic Communications Agency

Debra is bold in her ability to traverse our material, like the perfect guide on a deep excursion. She sees what we already know somewhere deep inside us and gives us tools to express it forward.

I felt more in my body, more in my power, more in my pleasure and more in my life.

Helene Zuckerman, Body-Mind Educator

I wanted to shift my operating system in a way that didn’t involve me pushing or cajoling myself into action. I didn’t want to follow someone else’s program, I wanted someone who could hold me whilst I unfolded into my own sustainable way of being in the world.

I wanted to move from surviving to thriving in the truest sense of the word.

The most remarkable gift Debra has is that she holds a unique space for everyone she works with. She listens so deeply, and holds you in such a sincere tangible way throughout the entire period of time she is working with you that things “just happen” and a new way of being begins to emerge.

I call her my life midwife.

Debra is the perfect coach for those of us who do not work in a straight line A-to-Z way. She holds a door open for your own spirit and wisdom to come forward and it is from this place that I have begun to find and trust my own true way.

Elaine Alghani, Artist and Wellness Practitioner

Debra opened up my eyes to what I really wanted out of my career and ultimately, my life and future. She helped me overcome fears that prevented me from considering other possibilities. She helped me identify and believe in values that suited me for who I am. Her teachings and exercises are challenging yet easy to remember on a day to day basis to help me when I start to fall back into the old ways.

Lesley Bidlake, Photographer

Debra has knowledge and experience that is both broad and deep. In bringing this to her coaching with me I was able to get clarity on what I wanted to do, and not do.

It is, however, the depth and breadth of Debra’s soul and passion that supported me to experience deep self-compassion and peace. With the support of her coaching, in a short period of time, I achieved some very tangible results – the successful launch of a new non profit and putting together a large real estate deal. More importantly, I now feel more connected to myself, my wife, and my daughter.

And I am laughing and smiling a lot more!

It is this intertwining of head and heart with results and heart-felt experiences that is Debra’s true magic.

Robert Brown, Real Estate Developer

Thank you for your impact on my life. My co-workers noted that I’ve really changed and grown. Your support was truly invaluable. There are times where I do feel insecure. I’d say the biggest change now though is when I catch myself feeling less confident or more focused on myself,

I have the tools that allow me to break that cycle.

And that’s been really great.

Steven Lim, Buzzfeed Producer

Elizabeth Grojean, Publisher

Debra Joy combines her natural intuitive talents with the vast array of skills she has learned through years of courageous and dedicated training to offer others personalized support and guidance.

Her work has been transformative to me

by helping me access the resources of my body, mind and soul in very powerful, yet tangible and practical ways that I can incorporate into my daily life. Warm and caring always, Deb has been an inspiration as well as a comfort to me.

Nancy Murphy, Specialty Insurance Manager and Writer

Debra hears me the way I need to be heard. She does not judge me or tell me what I “should” do. She goes with my flow, yet gives a structure to make sure we stay on track. When I have a question, or fear, or concern or frustration, etc, she is right there with me and guides me through it. We work via phone, yet I feel that she is fully present with me, and also in our email interactions.

I love working with Debra Joy because she helps me see the best in myself, and bring that forth into the world.

Jeni Hall, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Deb has helped me get clearer on who I want to be and what truly makes my life fulfilling.  She helped me face the more uncomfortable things that I needed to do to have the quality of life and relationships I have now… including my marriage.  Although I have to face some tough stuff and I am opening to her some of my most vulnerable places, it doesn’t feel that challenging because I feel so loved, accepted and celebrated in the process.

Nancy Bradshaw, CEO Spark Strategies


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